Favourite Sid interviews: After Hours on HNIC (011114)

"Because your skin always looks so fantastic, what do you do for skincare?"




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♪ I ain’t never seen an ass like that ♪


♪ I ain’t never seen an ass like that 


Maatta, GOAL!


Maatta, GOAL!

You can tell a hockey fan immediately upon meeting them, whether it’s from that glint in their eyes, the ever-slightly-jutting-forward body language momentum, the jersey sweater sticking out from under their suit jacket, or the hair. They love their sport in a way few people love anything.

— Will Leitch on Hockey fans (via massholehackey)
Anonymous said:
what vancouver had a riot because of the stanley cup i thought canadians were peaceful??


welcome to canada during the hockey season

I want to feel happy again. I don’t want to feel stressed anymore, I don’t want to worry about my future, I don’t want to be stuck in the past. I want to be happy, it sounds so easy..so why isn’t it?

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